Welcome to Open Door Mercy Home

Open Door Mercy Home is a fully non-profit orphanage whose purpose is to provide orphaned and abandoned Indian children of Eluru & Nekkalam with a loving, nurturing home environment with access to an adequate education. The orphanage will make every attempt to meet the orphaned children’s basic food, clothing, and shelter needs while simultaneously teaching Bible fundamentals.

Meet the Children

Read their personal testimonies and discover what makes each one of these children a unique and beautiful blessing.

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How Can You Help

Your sponsorship and donations provide an orphaned child with food, shelter, clothing, medicine, education, religion, and love.

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There are more than 11 million abandoned children in India.
As with many countries worldwide, India suffers greatly from the effects of HIV and AIDS. The result is a generation of orphans that continues to grow exponentially and an estimated 1.2 million children are sold in to sex slavery.
Open Door Mercy Home hears the call of these destitute and impoverished children. With the purpose of providing a sound educational foundation grounded in biblical truths, ODMH is committed to these orphans. The children of ODMH currently reside in two locations in India – Eluru and Nekkalam-Gollagudem. We invite you to browse the testimonies and life stories of our orphans. If the voice of God shall offer conviction, we encourage you to answer the call and change a life!


Without the Open Door Mercy Home, most of our children would miss out on basic                             education. Our staff are dedicated to make sure each child is looked after individually.


Not only do the children receive a proper nutrition, but they also receive spiritual                                 nourishment.


The health of our children is a priority. Your sponsorship helps to give proper care and                       routine examinations, so that the children remain happy, healthy & feeling their best.


One of the most important things to our children is having a safe place to live. Your                             sponsorship funds help to keep our buildings in top shape.